Its nice to own a luxury car, but if you want it to stay luxurious, youre going to have to step up your maintenance game. Luckily for you, the Scott Auto Family is here to help with a full roster of parts and service to keep your vehicle running like new for many years to come, with maintenance experts who are skilled in everything from your engine to your axels. 

What Happens if You Dont Change Your Oil?  

So what happens if you forget to change your oil? If youre off by a few miles, your car or SUV isnt exactly going break down entirely. 

But longer-term, the viscosity (the slippery, oily” quality of motor oil) breaks down and it turns gummy. That creates friction instead of lessening it, so your engine runs hotter, works harder, and loses efficiency in the best-case scenario. Worst case? Youre looking at engine failure, and that gets expensive.  

In comparison, an oil change is fast and cheap, so why hesitate? Just call one of the Scott Auto Family Service Centers to set up an appointment, then bring your car through for an oil change. While you’re here, we’ll conduct a full inspection, checking for anything else that might be putting your car’s health at risk.

We also offer a rotating list of service specials and offers on things like tires, lights, inspections, and…oil changes! There’s literally no reason to fall behind on your recommended maintenance schedule. Keep checking our website to see what specials we have available today, and don’t forget to stop by to test drive any new model at the Scott Auto Family.