If you’re wondering, “What does Certified Pre-Owned mean?” Scott Lot has the answer. If you want a little more peace of mind from your pre-owned vehicle, Certified Pre-Owned cars may be right for you, and you can take the first drive at our dealership. Here’s everything you need to know.

Mileage and Age

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles are pre-owned vehicles that have to meet very strict requirements, which vary depending on the automaker. One of the most important of these requirements is a restriction on the age of the vehicle and the mileage. Typically, cars have to be newer than five to ten years old, and most often mileage requirements cap between 60,000 to 100,000 miles, depending on the automaker and level of certification.

Multi-Point Inspection

Another requirement for vehicles qualifying for CPO status is a multi-point inspection. This inspection is what sets CPO models apart from other pre-owned cars, and it typically includes over 150 points of inspection and care. Expert technicians will check everything from the engine to the headlights. Parts are repaired or replaced as necessary, to ensure that you don’t have any unexpected breakdowns or issues.

Protections and Support

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles tend to have extra CPO warranties in addition to their original new-vehicle warranty, so you don’t have to worry about getting any needed replacements in the event of a factory defect. CPO models are often protected by roadside assistance and trip interruption coverage as well, so if anything goes wrong, you’re covered.

Test-Drive Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles in Allentown, PA

There are many benefits to purchasing Certified Pre-Owned vehicles, and you can experience them all for yourself when you visit Scott Lot. Visit our dealership for a test drive today!