What kind of vehicle do you drive? An SUV like a used Chevy Equinox or a used Volvo XC60? Whether you have one of those SUVs or you drive another body style manufactured by a different brand, you’ll have to bring your vehicle into our Allentown, PA car service center from time to time to ensure your automobile continues to operate the way it’s supposed to.

For example, you’ll have to bring your vehicle in to our service center at least once every year to have its alignment checked. Cars don’t always show any signs when their alignment is off, which is why you should have the alignment inspected annually to ensure things are in proper order.

If a vehicle is out of alignment, it may exhibit some signs that there’s problem. Here are some tell-tale indications that your alignment needs service:

  • Your car isn’t as fuel-efficient as it once was
  • The steering wheel is crooked when you’re driving straight
  • Your vehicle pulls to the side
  • Your tires are wearing too quickly and/or unevenly
  • You notice squealing sounds emanating from your wheel wells that are particularly noticeable when you’re making a turn

When you notice any of the signs just mentioned, it’s time to get your automobile re-aligned. If you continue to drive your car while it’s misaligned, you may have to replace your tires before you’d otherwise have to. Components in your steering and suspension systems may wear prematurely as well, which we can discover while inspecting your alignment.

For more information about alignment inspections or service, contact Scott Lot. If your car is due for an alignment checkup or a service appointment, head over to our convenient location today.