When they visit our used car dealership serving Allentown, PA, many drivers tell us they’re reluctant to buy a pre-owned vehicle like a used Chevy Trax from the 2017 model-year. More often than not, they go on to explain that they’re worried they’ll inherit another driver’s headaches if they get a previously owned automobile.

While that used to be a concern with older pre-owned models, it’s not nearly as big a cause for alarm with today’s previously owned vehicles. Modern cars are simply built better than their predecessors, and the materials used to make them are longer lasting.

Even so, many drivers express fear that buying a pre-owned automobile because they don’t want to deal with any engine troubles down the line. If you maintain your engine, you won’t have to worry about having to deal with engine problems when you buy a previously owned car from Scott Lot. That’s because we offer Scott Care on the vehicles we sell. And the Lifetime Engine Guarantee is part of the Scott Care package, protecting you from engine issues down the line.

Can things get any better than having a Lifetime Engine Guarantee for a vehicle you buy from our car dealership near Philadelphia, PA? They sure can! In fact, they’ll get better fast once you learn all the other perks included in Scott Care.

Here are some of the other benefits that are included in Scott Care in addition to our Lifetime Engine Guarantee:

  • Complimentary state inspections
  • Free car washes and loaner cars
  • Complimentary shuttle service when we service your vehicle
  • Coupons that can help you save on service in our service center
  • Free Wi-Fi and gourmet coffee in our customer lounge
  • Generous service center hours on Saturdays

To learn more about our Lifetime Engine Guarantee and all the other perks that are included in Scott Care, contact Scott Lot now.