While you might be tempted to buy a 2020 Chevy Colorado or a 2020 Volvo XC90, there are plenty of significant reasons why you may want to get a pre-owned model instead. Although you won’t experience the same new car smell from a used Chevy Colorado or a used Volvo XC90, you will be able to enjoy some other meaningful benefits that are far more important.

A lower purchase price is one of the leading reasons you might want to get a used Chevy Colorado instead of a new midsize truck. Pre-owned cars typically have lower purchase prices because new cars depreciate quite rapidly in the first few years they’re privately owned. Because they normally cost less than new automobiles, buying a previously owned vehicle often enables drivers to step up to a higher trim or a different model without pushing the limits of their budget.

When you talk to the experts in our finance center near Philadelphia, PA, they’ll tell you that financing a pre-owned car is pretty much the same as financing a new model. This means our team will help you secure an auto loan on the most favorable terms available.

Reliability is another benefit to buying a pre-owned car. Whereas previously owned vehicles used to be notorious for being unreliable, today’s pre-owned automobiles are known for their dependability.

Some motorists are reluctant to buy a used Volvo XC90 because they don’t want to miss out on the guarantees that come with getting a new vehicle. Today, select pre-owned models are sold as certified pre-owned cars. When you buy a CPO vehicle, it will always have a factory-backed warranty.

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