If you want to buy a 2020 Chevrolet Trax or a 2020 Volvo XC60, we invite you to look through our new car inventory. Just like we have a generous selection of the latest Chevrolet cars and Volvo vehicles at our dealership, we also carry a full inventory of pre-owned automobiles for people who want a used Chevy Trax, a used Volvo XC60, or another previously owned model.

While we’re happy that people located near our Allentown, PA car dealership head to our location when they’re in the market for a vehicle, we’re equally proud that so many area motorists turn to us when they have automotive questions. Brakes are a popular topic that people ask us about often.

More specifically, many drivers are curious about when they should have their brake pads replaced. How often you’ll need to replace your brake pads depends on a variety of factors, such as your driving habits and the types of roads you travel on most often.

Brake pads usually exhibit some symptoms when they’re worn down. Most brake pads today have a built-in wear indicator, which is a metal strip. When that strip is exposed due to wear, it will create a squealing sound when it scrapes against the rotor. That sound is a sign you need new brake pads.

If you hear a grinding sound coming from around your tires, it’s an indication that your brake pads are completely worn out and your rotors are experiencing damage. To avoid further damage that will be even more expensive to fix, bring your vehicle into our service center near Lehigh Valley, PA at once.

To learn about more of the signs that indicate you need new brake pads sooner rather than later, contact Scott Lot today.