If you’re on a used car search, look no further than Scott Lot. We believe every driver deserves access to safe and reliable vehicles, and purchasing pre-owned is the best way to save on the cars you love. Learn about the prime times for buying used cars with support from our team.

Sales Holidays

Certain holidays are associated with savings—and for good reason. If you’re looking to purchase a pre-owned vehicle, it’s best to circle the big savings holidays like Labor Day, Memorial Day, and even Black Friday. Also, pay attention to some sales events in the colder months, when it’s harder for dealerships to sell vehicles.

The “End” Times

Not the apocalypse (we’d all have other things on our minds right about then), but the times when dealerships are trying to move inventory. That’s why purchasing a pre-owned vehicle is highly recommended either at the end of the quarter or at the end of the month.

The End of the Year

Of course, the best time to purchase a pre-owned vehicle is at the end of the year. It’s the same reason you want to buy at the end of the quarter or month, only more so. Dealerships want to make space for incoming inventory – even used cars, since people will be trading in toward incoming new models – so they’re more likely to give you a better deal or conditions on the car.

Test Drive Pre-Owned Vehicles in Allentown, PA

Then again, one of the best reasons to visit Scott Lot for a used car is that we ensure it’s always a good time to buy. Explore savings and financing options, and take home a reliable and affordable pre-owned vehicle from our dealership today.