How conscientious of a driver are you? No, we’re not talking about using your turn signals (which you should), but about paying attention to your vehicle. When something is wrong, often your car will let you know, and it may come via your dashboard. When a little light pops up, you need to know how to read your auto dashboard information.

Common Auto Dashboard Lights

Check Engine

While your car may actually flash a light that says, “Check Engine,” it may also come in the form of something that looks like a yellow submarine. While your check engine light could indicate a serious issue, it may just mean your gas cap is loose.

Oil Pressure

If the icon that pops up is an old-looking oil can, this is the oil pressure warning. Again, there could be different causes, including low oil or a clogged filter.

You might also just be due for an oil change.


Even before anything lights up on the dashboard, you may know something is wrong with the battery. A car that won’t start is generally a pretty big sign.

However, if you see something that looks like a rectangle with plus and minus signs, your car is saying something is amiss with your charging system.

Tire Pressure

If you see what looks like an exclamation point in a kind of horseshoe, this is the tire pressure light. This auto dashboard information is telling you that the pressure is too low in one or more of your tires.

Ignoring those little dashboard lights is never a good idea, as car problems almost always get worse if left unaddressed. To have your issue diagnosed by the pros, just make an appointment with the service center at Scott Lot near Lehigh Valley.