There are many benefits to buying used cars when the time comes for the next great ride, and that’s why our team here at Scott Lot carries so many pre-owned vehicle options to pick from. That said, you want to make sure you’re purchasing the right pre-owned vehicle, which is why you’ll want to ask these three questions during the pre-owned vehicle testing process.

What is the Mileage?

While it’s important to consider the age of a vehicle when purchasing pre-owned, mileage is often much more critical. The mileage on a car may tell you how hard that vehicle was driven, providing insight into any potential repair or replacement needs. Cars with very high mileage have already used up a significant portion of their life and may not be the best financial choice, so it’s always important to check.  

What is the Service History?

The more comprehensive a vehicle’s service history, the better. The service history will provide essential insight into how the vehicle was cared for and when repairs and replacements were made. Routine service and care also keep a car in good condition for longer, so you’ll always want to look for models with a history of regular service and maintenance.

Has the Vehicle Been in Any Accidents?

If possible, you also want to look at the vehicle’s accident history. Damage and minor car accidents aren’t necessarily a dealbreaker as long as the vehicle is repaired correctly. However, knowing this history provides the information you need to set your budget and adequately care for your car in the future.

You’ll find a complete collection of pre-owned vehicles at Scott Lot for every driving event and occasion. We’re also sharing all you need to know about the pre-owned vehicle purchasing process, so you can begin enjoying the many benefits of purchasing pre-owned today.