Scott Lot is the dealership you can trust for safe, efficient driving every time you get behind the wheel. We provide the expert service and car care that makes the difference, and we’re sharing top tips for driving safely in any condition. Learn about best practices for protected driving on fall roads with support from our team today.

Use Your Fog Lights

Visibility is one of the biggest challenges we must navigate while driving in autumn. Not only does it get dark earlier, but the dropping temperatures mean you may run into fog or mist, especially at the start and end of the day. It’s essential to use your fog lights and high beams when necessary to navigate even the darkest and foggiest driving conditions safely.

Watch for Animals

During the fall, many animals migrate. This includes animals that can cause safety issues while driving, like deer. It’s imperative to drive slowly and watch carefully in areas prone to heavy animal activity. Always slow around turns and blind spots, so you have time to navigate animal obstacles safely.

Schedule Service

Preparing properly is the best way to ensure safe driving in the fall, and Scott Lot can help. We provide the fall service you can trust, like headlight and wiper inspections for improved visibility and tire service that ensures maximum traction and driver control on slippery fall roads.

Drive Safely This Fall with Support from Scott Lot

No matter where your next fall drive may lead, Scott Lot is here to help ensure you get there safely and comfortably. Learn more about best practices for safe fall driving, and schedule the seasonal car service that makes the difference at our dealership today.