While you could trade in your current car for a new model, you don’t necessarily have to go this route to get new car features. All you need to do is find a used car shop near me that offers part upgrades. At Scott Lot, we can update older models with a variety of new features, including:

Infotainment Systems

Most newer cars come with infotainment systems, but they’re always getting more advanced. In addition to larger touchscreens, you can get upgrades that include smartphone connectivity, navigation, and HD and satellite radio.

Cargo Systems

There are many ways to get more out of your cargo area. With netting, you’ll be able to prevent your stuff from sliding around as you drive. You can also get a waterproof tray to protect your interior.

Roof Racks

Speaking of cargo, if the space in your current car is lacking, you can make more room with a roof rack. In addition to luggage, you’ll be able to store bikes, surfboards, or even kayaks up top.

Upgrade Your Vehicle at Scott Lot

No matter what you want to add to your car, the parts department at our Allentown dealership can get you what you need. Plus, you can count on the skilled technicians in our service center to give you an expert installation. Get in touch for ordering information today!