If you’re wondering about the best questions to ask when buying a used car, Scott Lot can help. We want to make the used vehicle purchasing process as smooth and easy as possible, and we’re sharing all you need to know about taking home the perfect pre-owned vehicle at the ideal price. Here at the top five questions to ask when purchasing your next used car.

1.     What is the Mileage?

The mileage on a pre-owned vehicle can tell you much more about the car than age alone. It can give you insight into how hard the vehicle was driven and how much life is left in specific parts and systems.

2.     How Many Owners Has It Had?

The fewer owners, the better. When you purchase a pre-owned vehicle with just one or two owners, you’ll have a better sense of the vehicle’s history, which means you’ll more accurately be able to schedule service or repairs.

3.     What Was the Vehicle Used For?

Before you purchase a vehicle, you want to know where it was driven and how hard it was pushed. If it was used for off-roading or building, it might still be the perfect car, but at least you’ll know what parts to watch longer-term.

4.     What is the Service History?

The best type of pre-owned vehicle is one with a comprehensive history of service and care. It indicates that the car was well-maintained, which means fewer repairs and replacements for you to worry about.

5.     What is the Accident History?

You also want to know about any accidents the vehicle has been in or damage it has sustained. While accidents aren’t necessarily a dealbreaker, this question helps assess damages and budget for potential repair needs.

Here at Scott Lot, you’re sure to find a pre-owned vehicle that meets your driving needs at a price that meets your budget. Take your first test drive at our dealership today.