There are many benefits to purchasing used cars, like savings on the down payment and monthly payments and lower depreciation rates. You may even see the savings reflected in your insurance rates. Scott Lot has answers if you’ve ever wondered whether your used car’s safety features affect insurance rates.

More Complicated Systems

Vehicles today are built better than ever before and come equipped with the latest in safe driving and driver assistance features. However, one thing to consider when purchasing insurance for a pre-owned vehicle is that some of those safety programs can be pretty complex, even on pre-owned models that are a few years old.

More complicated systems can be more costly to repair than comparable standard or straightforward systems, so you may initially see a jump in your insurance costs if you purchase a well-equipped pre-owned model.

Improved Safe Driving

On the other hand, these safety and driver assistance programs are designed to help keep you safe. Insurance rates are calculated using many different factors, including statistics on rates of accidents by demographics. There is also the factor of safety, and vehicles with programs that can keep you safe may be less costly to repair because there’s a lower chance that insurance will need to step in.

You may also see savings over time since many insurance companies offer incentives for long-term safe driving, and top driver assistance features can help you to achieve that.

Test Drive Safe Used Cars at Scott Lot in Allentown

The savings available for well-equipped pre-owned vehicles is just one of the many benefits of purchasing a used car. Visit Scott Lot today to find the best car, truck, or SUV for the road ahead.