We get lots of questions from our customers about our models, specials, financing, and much more. But one question we seem to get pretty often is can you lease a used car? Well, the answer is a resounding yes! While you may be dreaming about a new car, you can wake up and actually get a vehicle that’s a little older, but will be just as good.

Why Lease a Used Car?

There are several reasons to think about leasing a used car, including:

Drive a Vehicle You May Not Otherwise Be Able to Afford

Leasing a new high-end car may not be in the cards financially. But an older model will be much cheaper. A Volvo or Cadillac, for example, is ideal for a used car lease because they retain their value so well.

Short Leases

In some instances, it may be possible to take over somebody else’s lease. This gives you a couple of advantages. First, if you just want to try out a specific make or model for a while – perhaps to find out if you eventually want to buy – this helps you do it. Plus, there is no long-term commitment.

Wider Range of Options

Once the lease is over, you have many choices. First of all, you can just walk away. Or, you can decide to buy your vehicle. And, because you have already put money into it and it’s already pre-owned, this could be a very affordable option.

Ready to find a great used car to lease? Come down to our used car dealership near Bethlehem.