If you’ve always seen yourself in a luxury vehicle, don’t just search “used car dealerships near me.” Scott Lot can help you achieve that goal without breaking the bank. If you’re worried about financing a pre-owned vehicle, we’re here to help with that, too. 

Why Finance a Used Car?

You may well be able to pay cash for pre-owned luxury vehicles, but we suggest financing instead. It’s a boost to your credit score, it keeps cash on hand for a rainy day, and it also means getting the features you want instead of merely settling for the features you can pay for out-of-pocket.

How Does Car Financing Work?

When financing a car with a dealership, typically you put a certain amount of money down, and the dealership works with a financer to offer a loan for the remaining amount. The interest rates you qualify for and the length of the loan will determine a monthly payment amount, which you are responsible for until the car is paid off.

Financing a Used Luxury Car with Subprime Credit

What if your credit is less than optimal? Our network of lenders ensures that Scott Lot can extend financing on your dream car even if your credit is still under construction or repair.

How to Prepare for Financing

Before you apply for financing at our Pennsylvania dealership, it’s a good idea to have a budget in mind. Be sure to factor in registration, insurance, gas, and maintenance costs. It also helps to check your current credit score, so you have an idea of the type of rates you may receive during the process. If you’re interested in financing a luxury used car, you can apply online or visit our dealership today. Scott Lot is your first step for your next new-to-you car!