When it’s time for your next new ride, sometimes “new to you” is new enough. That’s why so many car shoppers in the Allentown area browse the extensive selection of used cars at Scott Lot. However, that buying decision often comes with an important question: is this vehicle still under warranty? Let’s take a closer look.

Most Pre-Owned Cars Don’t Have Coverage

Most drivers keep their cars for at least the duration of the powertrain warranty, so with few exceptions, it’s rare finding a used car that still has coverage. However, if the vehicle is only a few years old, some part of the original warranty might remain in effect. Even then, not all warranties are transferrable, so ask your dealer if you’re uncertain.

Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles Are Protected

There’s an exception to that rule: Certified Pre-Owned (CPO) vehicles. Certified pre-owned cars are typically only a few years old and have limited mileage, especially since many have come off lease. Program and warranty specifics will vary depending on the automaker,  but these are typically newer vehicles that undergo rigorous inspections to qualify. Most CPO model coverage entails the remainder of the original warranty, with a CPO warranty providing some added protection (and other benefits like roadside assistance) afterward.

You Can Purchase an Extended Warranty

If you’re looking for coverage on your pre-owned model, one of your best options is to purchase an extended warranty from the dealership. Extended warranties are available for nearly every type of car, and it’s easy to customize the type and duration of coverage.

Find Your Next Used Car at Scott Lot

It’s easy to pick out the perfect used or certified pre-owned vehicle here at Scott Lot and to find and order the coverage that fits your specific ownership needs. Learn more and take home a model you love from our dealership today.