There are many reasons to consider a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle from Scott Lot when the time comes for a safe, reliable, and affordable model. They offer all the same benefits as pre-owned cars, like significant savings and a lower depreciation rate, and you’ll have even more peace of mind on every ride. That’s because CPO models are limited in age and mileage. They also undergo an extensive inspection, including some of the following tasks.

The Powertrain System

Most CPO inspections cover more than 100 unique parts and systems, especially the powertrain system. Our expert service team at Scott Lot will go over all the essential parts of your powertrain, including the engine and transmission, to ensure they’re in prime working order.

The Braking System

When it comes to safety, high-quality and well-maintained brakes are essential. That’s why a CPO inspection covers comprehensive brake service and necessary repairs.

Safety Features and Programs

All the vehicles in our inventory here at Scott Lot are designed to keep your family safe—even the CPO models. Our service team will inspect, test, and repair your safety features and driver assistance programs, so you can trust them to keep your family safe on the go.

Emissions and Output

Many states have emissions requirements, which is why it’s a common element of the CPO inspection process. This element of the inspection also helps to reduce your environmental impact and even improve fuel economy.

Test CPO Models at Scott Lot

Here at Scott Lot, we believe every driver should have access to the vehicles they love within their budget. That’s why we carry a wide inventory of pre-owned vehicles, including CPO models. Learn more about the Certified Pre-Owned vehicle inspecting process, and pick out your next car at our dealership today.