The Scott used cars available here at Scott Lot are safe, reliable, and affordable, and our expert team is dedicated to matching you with the right car for the road ahead. There are many benefits to purchasing a pre-owned vehicle. Asking yourself the right questions before buying helps you shop confidently and ask better questions of your dealer once you arrive at our Allentown used car dealership.

What Do I Need, Versus What I Want?

Some features are essential. For instance, space and safety features are high on the list if you’re buying a family car. Other features might be nice to have, but they won’t be dealbreakers if a vehicle is missing one or two. The better you know your needs, wants, and priorities, the easier it is for us to match you to the correct vehicle.

Do I Want to Buy Used or CPO?

You have two main options to pick from when it comes to pre-owned vehicles, used and Certified Pre-Owned. If you’re looking for the savings of a pre-owned model but with a little more peace of mind, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle might suit your needs.

What is My Repair Budget?

Our used cars are reliable, but anything mechanical needs some TLC as it ages. It’s helpful to factor maintenance costs into your long-term budgeting so there’s always something there for a rainy day. While discussing financing with your dealer, ask about available protection plans to defray maintenance expenses.

Test Drive Pre-Owned Vehicles at Scott Lot in Allentown

No matter what your pre-owned vehicle purchasing needs might be, Scott Lot is here to help. Visit our dealership to explore a wide collection of pre-owned vehicles and take home the right model at the right price today.