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Different Fuel Types

If you have any questions during service appointments, our team of certified technicians will be able to help you out, including questions about different types of fuel.

You’ve always noticed different fuel types at the gas station every time you fill up your car. But what exactly are these different fuel types and why is it important to know about them?

Gasoline is typically split up into three octane ratings: 87 for regular, 89 for mid-grade (or plus), and 91-93 for premium. But what do these designations mean?

A fuel’s octane rating determines its ability to resist knocking in your engine, which is when the cylinders burn fuel unevenly.

Some cars are designed to take regular or mid-grade fuel while others may be designed to take premium. If your owner’s manual says your car needs premium, then filling it with a lower grade fuel could cause knocking, which can damage your car’s cylinders.

Then there’s diesel, which is a unique form of gasoline with a very low octane rating meant specifically for diesel engines.

It’s especially important not to add diesel fuel to a gas car, as your car may be entirely unable to function on this low-grade supply. And if your car does run with diesel fuel, it can cause permanent damage to your engine.

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